About Us

About us

Brishine is top manufacturer of custom metal parts for kinds of fields. We have been in custom metal parts field for nearly 15 years, with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are specialized in manufacturing custom precision castings and CNC machining parts according to our customers’ specifications. Our Clients range from Europe to North America, including TOP 500 enterprises .

Due to continuous expanding of business, we invested a new building which was built in 2016 occupying an area of more than 3000 square meters. We have 2 production lines: precision steel castings; and precision CNC and turning parts.

Casting production technique is strictly carried out according to ISO casting process: Waxing; Tree assembly; Shell-making; Dewaxing&Roasting; Smelting; Chemical Analysis; Casting;  Shell-cutting;  Sandblasting and cleaning; Shaping and machining, etc.

CNC and turning parts will be produced in our modern workshop including CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, Milling machines, Drilling Machines,Threading Machines, etc

For castings and CNC turning parts, kinds of materials are available in our production such as steel alloy, aluminum, brass, zinc.,etc.

Both workshops have strict-management to make our quality always meet our customers’ high requirements. Our production is all well-controled by ISO quality management. We always make QC  from raw material to shipment by rich-experienced technicians.

Our staff have enough passion for serving our clients. Regular meetings and discussions are held to help them understand well how to improve ourselves and our service, as well as strategic partnership with our clients.

Brishine can supply you with a sustainable supply chain that increases your productivity and reduces your cost. We will be your excellent partnership for your custom needs.