Do you know how the quality of forging processing is tested?

Summary:With the development of the times, there are more and more means of industrial processing. Many prod...
With the development of the times, there are more and more means of industrial processing. Many products need to be processed and produced. Forgings refer to workpieces or blanks obtained by forging and deforming metal blanks. Because the characteristics of the forgings are constantly exerted on the metal, it requires a high quality, which means that the forgings must have high quality standards before they can be used in daily work. Therefore, we also have high requirements for the inspection of forgings, and briefly introduce how the inspection is carried out.

The forging is subjected to pressure, typically through the use of a hammer or pressure. The forging process builds up the grain structure and improves the physical properties of the metal. In actual use of the component, a correct design enables particle flow in the direction of the main pressure.
The inspection of forging quality is to check the intrinsic quality of the forging itself, which is a quality condition that cannot be found by the appearance quality inspection. It includes not only checking the defects of the forging, but also checking the mechanical X energy of the forging. Perform chemical composition analysis.
For defects, we will use low inspection, fracture inspection, and high inspection methods to inspect forgings for internal cracks, shrinkage cavities, porosity, coarse grains, white spots, dendrites, streamlines out of shape, streamlines disorder, flow through , Coarse crystal ring, oxide film, delamination, overheating, overstructure and other defects. For mechanical X energy, it is mainly to check the tensile strength at room temperature, plastic X, toughness X, hardness, fatigue degree, high temperature instantaneous fracture, high temperature, plastic X and high temperature creep degree.

Forging has a large scale and quality, and strictly requires itself in every link, and the products that leave the factory have strict quality requirements.