How to choose precision parts deburring equipment?


The deburring process of precision parts is a combinati […]

The deburring process of precision parts is a combination of mechanical and chemical methods. The precision parts use a product called deburring magnetic grinding machine, which breaks through the traditional vibration polishing concept and uses the unique energy transmission stainless steel needle grinding material of a magnetic field to produce high-speed rotating motion. It collides with the fragile burr parts to achieve high-efficiency removal of burrs, burrs, peaks, and the surface and interior of the product are simultaneously deburred, polished, and washed, so that the new product is refreshed, and the product quality is linearly improved.

Finish the surface and inner hole of precision parts (including CNC, machining centers, CNC lathes, lathe parts, turning parts, screws, die-casting parts, stamping parts, automatic lathes and other processed products) at one time to deburr and brighten them, which can be applied to stainless steel , Copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, hard plastic, light iron metal and other non-magnetic products. The scope of industry adaptation is very wide. For example, jewelry crafts industry, electronics, communications, machinery, medical, aerospace and so on. This method is simple and does not require professionals to operate. It is possible to remove burrs on workpieces with very complex structures (such as inner corner holes) or easily damaged parts or flexible parts without damaging the workpiece, so as to obtain more precise workpieces.

Compared with the traditional deburring method, it is easier, more cost-effective and labor-saving. The quality of the workpiece is greatly improved. Deburring refers to the removal of very small microscopic metal particles on the surface of the workpiece. These particles are called burrs.

They are formed during cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chip processing processes. In order to improve quality and service life, it is necessary to remove burrs on all metal precision parts. The surface, acute angles and edges of the workpiece must reach a high degree of metal cleanliness, and if necessary, it should also be suitable for non-electroplating and electroplating metals. The traditional process of deburring is mechanical process, such as grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation. The quality of processed workpieces is often not guaranteed; production costs and personnel costs are very high. Use the deburring process of a deburring magnetic grinder to grind the workpiece in a bucket with abrasive materials for 3-15 minutes. It can remove all the fine burrs of precision parts, make the surface of the workpiece smooth and flat, with rounded edges and corners, and bring unprecedented high quality to users. And it will not affect the precision of the product. Deburring with a deburring magnetic grinder is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs.


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