Thirty years of hardware products industry interpretation comprehensive upgrade

Summary:On November 12, the fifth meeting of the 5th Council of China Hardware Association and the 30th anni...

On November 12, the fifth meeting of the 5th Council of China Hardware Association and the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Association was held in Beijing. More than 300 leading guests from the Chinese hardware industry gathered at the Beijing National Convention Center for the 2018 work summary and 2019 work ideas report. At the same time, they commended a series of people and enterprises that contributed to the industry, set an example for the industry, and encouraged entrepreneurial innovation.

Hardware products are important products related to consumers' daily lives. They are inseparable from the people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. After the reform and opening up, especially after the establishment of standardized organizations, the rapid development of industrialization has gradually been achieved. In the past 30 years, the Chinese hardware industry has introduced new elements from the tradition, making the industry from small to large, from weak to strong, the product category continues to increase, the quality is more excellent, the continuous application of new technologies, new materials, new processes, new equipment, In particular, the development of the Internet and Internet of Things technology has brought about upgrades in the hardware industry in all aspects of production and distribution.

Quality leap in industrial development

According to the report of the first council of the China Hardware Products Association, in 1988, there were 7,500 production enterprises in the light industry system, 1.1 million employees, an annual total output value of 12 billion yuan, and foreign exchange earnings of 600 million US dollars. The hardware products are large in volume and diverse in variety. There are many medium- and small-sized enterprises under collective ownership, with wide distribution, poor foundation and weak technical force. After 30 years, the strength of hardware has greatly increased. According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, China's hardware industry sales were about 1.5 trillion yuan, the industry's import and export volume was 128.02 billion US dollars, and products were exported to more than 200 countries and regions. The number of enterprises above the industry scale has reached more than 50,000.

Over the past 30 years, with the development of the market and the expansion of the scope of use, the product category of the hardware product industry has continuously introduced new varieties, and the category has increased from the original three nature industries (daily hardware, tool hardware, construction hardware) to the current 11th National Congress. Categories, namely: tool hardware, construction hardware, household hardware, cooking utensils, locks, zippers, gas appliances, suction and exhaust hoods, stainless steel products, sanitary ware, whole kitchen, etc., the advent of many new categories of products, enriching the connotation of hardware products .

At the same time, the quality and technical level of hardware products continue to improve. In recent years, the use of the Internet and the Internet of Things has produced modern products such as smart locks and integrated kitchens. The production process and equipment of products have also been continuously upgraded, automated and intelligent. Equipment has been widely used in hardware production enterprises; on the other hand, the upgrading of technology and equipment has also improved the efficiency and accuracy of production, improved product quality, and upgraded the consumer experience.

Create a good ecological environment

For many years, according to the requirements of the national industrial policy and the actual development of the industry, the China Hardware Association has continuously innovated and adjusted the structure, continuously led the industry on the road of healthy development, and created a "good ecological environment" for the industry.

For many years, the China Hardware Association has formulated industrial development plans based on policies and industry conditions to guide and promote industrial upgrading. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China National Hardware Association proposed a transition from extensive to intensive, labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries, quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement, low cost and low price to high added value 1. High profit margins, the "five transformations" that mainly focus on export OEMs to self-owned brands. In recent years, they also pointed out that the three key tasks of "quality, brand and benefit" have promoted the healthy growth of the industry.

Standardization is an important starting point for the hardware industry to promote industrial development. The secretariat of the National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee is located in China Hardware Association. At present, China Hardware Association has established a systematic, scientific and perfect standard system in the field of hardware products, forming a standard system consisting of daily hardware, tool hardware, construction hardware, kitchen hardware and zipper. As of December 31, 2017, TC174 completed a total of 63 current national standards, 284 industry standards, 10 national standards and 11 industry standards under management, basically meeting the needs of standards in the field. It is understood that the China Hardware Association is also the counterpart of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Since 2011, it has participated in nearly 100 ISO votes, with a completion rate of 100%. Among them, from 2015 to 2017, a total of 40 ISO standards were voted. In addition, the formulation of group standards is also an important part of the standardization work of China Hardware Association. Up to now, a total of 28 group logos have been developed, of which 12 have been approved for publication. In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology selected T / CNHA 1001-2016 "buffer drawer guides for household use" and T / CNHA 1002-2016 "buffer concealed hinges for home use" as the 100 group marks Application demonstration project.

Industry cluster is a unique work form of association innovation. Since the title of "China's Hardware Town" was officially awarded to Zhangjiagang Daxin Town in 1996, China Hardware Products Association and local governments have guided the trend to form 53 hardware-specific industrial clusters. According to incomplete statistics, the annual sales of industrial clusters have exceeded 350 billion yuan, the total number of production enterprises above designated size is nearly 10,000, and the average growth rate of sales in the past three years has reached 10% to 15%. At the same time, China Hardware Association also joined the international organization-International Federation of Hardware and Household Products Association (I-HA) as a member of the "International Club", and hosted the World Hardware Conference twice in 2006 and 2017, To show the unique style and charm of China's hardware development to the international community.