What are the 4 major characteristics of custom precision machining parts?

Summary:  The 4 major characteristics of custom precision machining parts are:First, high quality. To achiev...


The 4 major characteristics of custom precision machining parts are:
First, high quality. To achieve the high quality of precision machining, the processing material itself must be of good quality and stability, and the consistency of the finished parts must also be good, and the life, moisture resistance, and wear resistance must be guaranteed.

Second, the accuracy is high. When every precision parts processing company develops a new product, it uses high-precision parts customization to test the feasibility of the product. The accuracy required for each product is different, and the accuracy determines the success or failure. Especially in the medical industry, large products require higher precision.

Third, the appearance is exquisite. The customization of high-precision parts requires exquisite appearance and flawless interior. This requires fine and high-quality parts processing to adapt to it. Custom-made high-precision parts with exquisite appearance can bring visual impact. At present, there is a big gap in the refinement of some small companies, and refinement is often ignored and falls short.

Fourth, low cost. Low-cost manufacturing and low-cost supply of parts processing can be achieved through customized design, processing and assembly of high-precision parts. More importantly, users of parts processing can use high-precision parts customization to achieve low-cost production. In the process of low-cost requirements, whether it is a precision machining enterprise or a client enterprise, it is necessary to continuously adjust management, gradually realize information management, and reduce operating costs is the future development direction.