What are the advantages of precision parts production on CNC lathes?

Summary:Advantages of precision parts production on CNC lathes1. CNC moldingWhen starting a new plastic inje...
Advantages of precision parts production on CNC lathes

1. CNC molding
When starting a new plastic injection molding project, the plastic prototype parts ensure that the product design is correct. For most plastic parts, CNC machining prototypes will provide accurate testing. CNC lathe machining of precision parts allows you to test the shape, fit and function of injection molded parts without the need to produce injection mold tools.

2. Small batch production
Because all you need is a suitable CAD file, CNC lathe precision parts processing is good for a small number of parts. Since there is no mold to create, you can save money and time by creating products directly on the CNC machine. This makes CNC machining very suitable for processing less than 100 pieces (once more than 200 pieces, it becomes cheaper to produce parts with injection molding).

3. Fast turnaround time
Unlike in plastic injection molding, where the mold is first produced, CNC machining does not have this requirement. Once your files have been uploaded and approved, production can begin immediately. This greatly shortens the production time.

4. High quality parts
There are many advantages in machining precision parts on CNC lathes. This is a more precise process than manual processing, and it provides precise repeatability. Because the computer controls the movement of the machine, the machine tool can move precisely at the same time on the axis, resulting in a complex, three-dimensional shape, which is almost impossible to achieve by manual processing. These qualities make CNC machining a good manufacturing process for jobs that require high precision or high repeatability.
We usually control all tolerances within ±0.2 mm–0.3 mm. If tight tolerances in your key areas are very important, you can specify that we hold tight tolerances of more than 0.01".
For plastic parts, CNC machining can produce more robust parts than 3D printing due to the available materials and the production process itself. Therefore, they can withstand the same conditions as injection molded parts.