What are the common problems of precision machining?

Summary:1. How to choose tools for precision machining?If the tool is wrongly selected, the machining proces...

1. How to choose tools for precision machining?
If the tool is wrongly selected, the machining process will definitely be wrong, or some parts cannot be machined directly. If there is a deviation in tool selection, the processing efficiency will be affected, and the processing quality will definitely be compromised. Copper products processing manufacturers are very experienced, and generally choose tools according to the processing material. The selected tools are different for high-hardness materials and low-hardness materials.

2. How to ensure the efficiency of precision machining?
The efficiency of the parts processing factory is reflected in the processing process. The processing technology will affect the efficiency. The tool path is not arranged properly, and the processing efficiency will also be affected. For the same workpiece, it is best to finish processing with one tool, and not to change the tool repeatedly. When the conditions of the copper product processing manufacturer permit, the sequence of tools and the sequence of programs must be separated according to the tool path to minimize the idle time and reduce at least the positioning deviation. Without affecting the tool, it is best to optimize the program once to debug to the best processing form!

3. How to avoid deformation in precision machining?
Parts processing manufacturers must avoid deformation during the product forming process. It is necessary to analyze and point out the possible deformation according to each process, and adjust the processing method to use low loss, less back eating, and slow feed. Replace the tool with a small tip and compare the sharp tool with the insert. Clamps, such as radial clamping, will always be deformed!

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