What are the little knowledge of CNC lathe parts?


The control accuracy of CNC lathe parts is selected acc […]

The control accuracy of CNC lathe parts is selected according to the accuracy requirements, that is, the requirements of dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece, and the selection is based on reliability. Reliability is the guarantee for improving product quality and production efficiency. CNC machine tools The reliability means that when the machine tool performs its functions under specified conditions, it runs stably for a long time without failure, that is, the mean time between failures is long, even if it fails, it can be restored in a short time and put into use again.
Choose a machine tool with reasonable structure, well-manufactured, and mass-produced. Generally, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

1. The burr on the cost surface can be said to be easily overlooked by many manufacturers. Many people say what this part looks like when it comes out, and what it looks like when the finished product is packaged. In fact, for a part, the CNC lathe processing part is completed by the equipment, then the cloak will be generated during injection molding, and this burr is also generated at this time. If it is not trimmed in time, or the The parts are obsolete. Otherwise, it will affect other links during use.

2.The accuracy of parts. For CNC lathe machining parts, its accuracy is very strict. Only when the required accuracy is met can it be used. The accuracy of the part is judged mainly by its control of the size. Ability, if it is within the tolerance that can fluctuate, then the part is qualified, if it exceeds the tolerance, then it is unqualified.

3. Analysis of the test results. For a component, it will inevitably undergo a performance test before it leaves the factory. If the performance is qualified, then it will be shipped. If it is not qualified, then it should be analyzed. For some reasons, this can also avoid mass scrapping. Manufacturers in the processing industry basically deal with it in this way. They will make a certain quality control chart based on the performance of many companies to analyze the reasons.


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