What are the lubrication and maintenance methods for precision machining machine tools?

Summary:In order to ensure the normal operation of the precision machining machine tool, all friction surfac...

In order to ensure the normal operation of the precision machining machine tool, all friction surfaces of the machine tool should be fully lubricated in accordance with the provisions of precision machining, and confirm whether there is enough lubricating oil inside each lubrication mailbox. The manual bed head box is lubricated by an oil bath. When the shaft and gear rotate, the oil splashes. The oil level of the lubricating oil pump, shaft and gear must be kept at a certain height. To remove the old oil, new oil can be added through the oil cup of the bedside box size, and the oil should be added to 1/3 of the oil window.
The single-spindle headbox uses long-lasting lubricating grease, and grease can be added to each precision machining overhaul cycle. When the oil of the centralized lubricator is at a low level, it can automatically alarm, and then add lubricating oil in time. Use lubricating oil, it is feasible not to use substitutes.
1. Weekly maintenance: The operator of the precision machining machine tool should check whether the hydraulic system pressure changes every week. If there is any change, the cause should be found out and adjusted to the range required by the machine tool manufacturer.
2. Monthly maintenance: Clean the dust on the hydraulic oil cooler and cooling fan regularly every month;
3. Annual maintenance: the hydraulic oil filter device should be cleaned every year; the oil quality of the hydraulic oil should be checked, and if it cannot deteriorate, it should be replaced in time. The oil used should be the brand required by the machine tool manufacturer or a brand that has been difficult to confirm as a substitute; check and adjust once a year The pressure of the headstock balance cylinder meets the ex-factory requirements of precision machining machine tools.

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