What causes machine collisions in precision parts processing?

Summary: For mechanical parts processing plants, in the process of precision parts processing, the most worr...
For mechanical parts processing plants, in the process of precision parts processing, the most worrying problem is the collision of the machining center. If a machine collision occurs in a mechanical processing plant, the processing efficiency will definitely be affected, and the processed workpieces should also be scrapped, which is more likely to cause personal injury. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of the collision.



1. The most common cause of machine collision is the input error of tool compensation.
We know that the machining of precision parts in a mechanical processing plant is inseparable from tools. In the CNC machining center, how the tool operates and cuts on the workpiece needs to be controlled by the program. If there is an input error in computer programming, it is easy to crash. These input errors have many aspects, such as input errors in workpiece coordinates G54, input errors in coordinate offset 60, radius G41 compensates for D input errors or call errors, length G43 compensates for H input errors or call errors, and so on.


2. There is another type of collision cause, which is error manipulation.
If you are not paying attention in the processing of precision parts, it is easy to open the wrong program, mistake the processing coordinates, start the machine without returning to the origin, install the wrong tool, handwheel or manual target mistakes, etc., which will directly lead to the occurrence of machine collisions.


3. The unique processing procedure can also cause machine collision.
For example, if the tool needs to be changed once during processing, a compensation error may occur and the machine will collide; the precision part machining program will cut the knife at an oblique line at the beginning, which may also cause the machine to collide; after the tool is cut at the mechanical reference point, return to the machine. Machining the lower point can also cause collisions with the pressure plate or screw.