What is the correct operation of CNC lathe processing?


Before starting the machine, the CNC machine tool parts […]

Before starting the machine, the CNC machine tool parts should be inspected in all directions, including the operation panel, guide rail surface, claws, tailstock, tool rest, cutters, etc., and can be used after confirming that they are correct.
1. After the CNC lathe parts are powered on, check whether the switches, buttons and keys are normal, flexible, and whether the machine tool is abnormal.
2. After inputting the CNC lathe parts program, you should carefully check the CNC lathe processing code, address, value, sign and decimal point.
3. Correctly measure and calculate the workpiece coordinate system. And check the results obtained?? · Input the workpiece coordinate system, and coordinate. Carefully check the coordinate value, sign and decimal point
4. Before the workpiece is installed, run the program once to see if the program can be carried out smoothly, whether the tool and fixture installation is reasonable, and whether there is "overtravel".
5. When cutting, the fast override switch needs to be hit to the lowest gear.
6. When the CNC lathe parts are cutting and feeding, when the tool moves to the 30-50mm of the workpiece, it is necessary to verify whether the remaining values ​​of the Z-axis and X-axis coordinates are the same as the processing program while the feed is maintained.
7. In the cutting and processing of CNC lathe parts, after sharpening the tool and changing the tool, the tool position must be re-measured and the tool compensation value and tool compensation number must be modified.
8. After the part sequence of the CNC lathe is revised, carefully check the revised part.
9. The machine tool can only be started after the workpiece is clamped. It is forbidden to measure and touch the workpiece while the workpiece is rotating.
10. When there are abnormal phenomena such as workpiece jumping, shaking, abnormal sound, loose fixture, etc., stop and deal with it.
11. After the emergency stop, the machine tool should be used for "return to zero" before the program can be run again.


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