What is the reason for the column crawling in precision machining?


In precision machining, the crawling of the X-axis guid […]

In precision machining, the crawling of the X-axis guide rail is mainly caused by the problem of oil-water mixing and the start-up acceleration performance based on the experience of the part processing manufacturer.
1. Oil and water mixing
In the maintenance of precision machining machine tools, special attention should be paid to the protective pallet covering the large guide rail. This pallet not only prevents iron filings from splashing into the guide rail area to damage the guide rail, but also seals to prevent splashing of cutting fluid, because this guide rail The middle three grooves have the function of natural return of hydrostatic oil. If the cutting fluid is mixed and returned to the oil tank, and then pressurized to the column chassis for reuse, the adhesion performance of the hydrostatic oil will be greatly reduced, making the column unable to operate stably, even when Under the action of high temperature, the oil-water mixture produces deterioration and cavitation, causing permanent damage to the guide rail. Therefore, after the precision machining is completed, in the usual maintenance, do not press the pallet to make it deform and leak.
2. Start acceleration performance
In precision machined parts, the height of the column is large, and the inertia effect is very obvious when starting, so it is strictly forbidden to start the X-axis quickly. This has already formed management operating rules in many companies. The correct way is to load the X-axis enablement by the precision machining manufacturer, then press the feedrate override button to adjust to the maximum, and then start fast. Is there a control method to replace such a cumbersome action? It depends on the control of acceleration performance. It can accelerate the displacement speed from zero to fast within the specified delay time, so that the precision machined parts can directly start the X-axis fast, and the stop is the same.

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