What types of machining tools are there for machining parts?


1. Drilling During the drilling process, holes are crea […]

1. Drilling
During the drilling process, holes are created in the metal through the cylinder. Twist drills are used to accomplish this task. 75% of the metal cutting material was removed by drilling operations. The drill bit enters the workpiece and cuts a hole that is equal to the diameter of the tool used for overall cutting. The tip of the drill bit can easily cut holes in the workpiece.
2. Turning
Turning is basically a necessary operation through which a cutting tool can be used to remove metal from a workpiece whose diameter exceeds its diameter. This operation is performed on a lathe, which is a machine in which the workpiece is adjusted and the tool remains stationary to rotate the workpiece. Lathes are specifically designed for turning operations and they help to cut metal in the most precise way. Place the workpiece on the chuck, and then the machine rotates the fixed tool to cut unwanted parts from the workpiece.
3. Milling
Milling is one of the basic operations in machining of mechanical parts. Due to the high degree of freedom, the manufacturing process is not as accurate as the turning process. The objects produced by milling are not axially symmetrical. For this, a milling machine is needed, as well as a fixture, cutting tool and of course the workpiece. The workpiece here is already formed material and needs to be milled. Fix it to the fixture and prepare for milling. The paper cutter is also fixed on the machine. It has sharp teeth and spins at high speed. The workpiece is fed into the tool and the excess metal is removed from the workpiece.
4. Polishing
The grinding process is used to improve the surface finish and to increase tolerances by removing residual excess material from the surface. For this reason, the machining of mechanical parts uses grinders to produce parts with the same shape, size and finish.
5. Chip formation
In the chip formation process, the material is cut by mechanical means using tools such as milling cutters, saws and lathes. It is an indispensable part of developing machine and cutting tool engineering.

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