Which parts are more suitable for precision parts processing?


We know that precision parts processing has high precis […]

We know that precision parts processing has high precision requirements. Precision parts have good rigidity, high manufacturing accuracy, and precise tool setting. Therefore, parts with high precision requirements can be processed. So which parts are suitable for precision machining?



First of all, compared with ordinary lathes, CNC lathes have the function of constant linear speed cutting. Both the end face and the outer circle of different diameters can be processed at the same linear speed, which ensures that the surface roughness value is consistent and relatively small. . The ordinary lathe has a constant speed, and the cutting speed is different for different diameters. When the material of the workpiece and the tool, the finishing allowance and the tool angle are certain, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed rate.

When processing surfaces with different surface roughness, choose a small feed rate for a surface with a small roughness, and a larger feed rate for a surface with a large roughness. The variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve on ordinary lathes. Parts with complex contour shapes. Any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or a circular arc. CNC precision machining has circular interpolation function, which can process a variety of parts with complex contours. The use of cnc precision machining requires careful use of the operator.

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