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Brishine United Industry Co.,Limited is a professional China Custom Sit-stand Desks Manufacturers and Sit-stand Desks Factory, We have been in custom metal parts field for nearly 15 years, with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We specialize in manufacturing China Sit-stand Desks according to customer specifications. Due to continuous expanding of business, we invested a new building which was built in 2016 occupying an area of more than 3000 square meters. We have 2 production lines: precision steel castings; and precision CNC and turning parts. Brishine can supply you with a sustainable supply chain that increases your productivity and reduces your cost. We will be your excellent partnership for your custom needs.
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Sit-stand desks, also known as height-adjustable desks, are desks that allow users to adjust the height of their workspace so that they can alternate between sitting and standing while working. These desks have gained popularity in recent years due to the potential health benefits associated with standing or walking during the workday. Some research suggests that using a sit-stand desk can improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, and even increase productivity. However, it is important to note that the benefits of sit-stand desks may vary depending on the individual and the specific work task being performed. It is also important to make sure that the desk is set up properly and that users are comfortable while using it.

Sit-stand desks are desks that can be adjusted to either a sitting or standing position. They are designed to allow users to switch between sitting and standing positions while working, which can have a number of potential health benefits. Some people find that using a sit-stand desk can help reduce neck and back pain, improve posture, and increase energy levels.

There are several potential benefits to using a sit-stand desk:
Improved posture: Using a sit-stand desk can help improve your posture by allowing you to change positions frequently, which can reduce strain on your neck, back, and shoulders.
Increased energy: Standing up can give you a boost of energy, which can help improve your mood and productivity.
Weight loss: Standing up burns more calories than sitting, so using a sit-stand desk may help you lose weight.
Better circulation: Standing up can improve circulation and reduce the risk of developing blood clots.
Reduced risk of chronic diseases: Prolonged sitting has been linked to a higher risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Using a sit-stand desk may help reduce the risk of these conditions.
Increased productivity: Some people find that they are more productive when using a sit-stand desk, as it allows them to change positions and vary their work routine.
Improved mental health: Standing up and moving around can help reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

There are several types of sit-stand desks available on the market, including manual adjustable desks, electric adjustable desks, and fixed-height standing desks.
Manual adjustable desks: These desks are adjusted using a hand crank or a lever, allowing the user to change the height of the desk manually. These desks are typically more affordable than electric adjustable desks, but they may require more effort to adjust.
Electric adjustable desks: These desks are adjusted using an electric motor, which makes it easier to change the height of the desk. They are more expensive than manual adjustable desks, but they may be more convenient for people who need to frequently adjust the height of their desk.
Fixed-height standing desks: These desks are not adjustable and are meant to be used while standing. They are a good option for people who prefer to work while standing and do not need to sit down during the workday.